How  I  Can  Help  You

Hi, I'm Sarah.


I've spent most of my life getting

my hands on everything there is to learn about the body-mind connection. I bring to my work nearly 20 years of know-how and heartfelt experience. And I'll share all of it with you. Learn from me what I know from years of training, certifications and from my private somatic therapy practice.



Working with me, we'll slow things down and tune into the body. To the stories, beliefs and feelings - that can make us feel stuck, unhappy and overwhelmed. Whatever you're feeling, your body has the answer and knows just how to help you.

Neuroscience has proven that negative stories and beliefs can get "stuck" in us. Stuck in our cells, muscles, tissues and bones. Stories, often from childhood, that get put upon us. Like an operating system, they become imprinted and held in the nervous system. And over time, they can affect all aspects of our lives.

These beliefs inform our posture, our movement and our health. They can shape our outlook on life, our relationships and even our actions - or lack thereof. 

Meanwhile, the body patiently (and sometimes not so agreeably) waits. Hoping that we will wake up from this uncomfortable life. That one day, we will reconnect with the wonder of our miraculous body and its inner guidance system. 

The good news is, I can help you. I can help you get to know this long lost body of yours, and all of its intelligence. I can help you plug back in to your Soul and what matters most to you in life.


Learn with me how to soothe your nervous system and connect to the truth of the original you. 


Learn to listen to your body's innate wisdom and better understand your wants and needs.


Let me help you tune into you, and free yourself from the old stories still weighing you down.


Come in for a somatic therapy session - and learn how your body can help you heal your life. 

"Connect to your inner wisdom and become the healer of your own life."


Sarah Baker, BFA, CRS, CST

Certified in Transformative Touch®

Certified Somatic Therapist, Faculty and Mentor 

with The Somatic Therapy  Center Training Institute

"You are more powerful and

more brilliant than you know."